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« Semi Large Vineyards » or Vignes Semi-Larges is a project that can lead to devastating situations for Champagne to lose its identity, its tradition & its history.

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For a postponement of the vote for Semi-Large Vineyards in Champagne


For unified & indivisible Champagne

Whatever the department, the village, the grape variety, the subsoil, the people of Champagne have remained united to promote Champagne & build its specifications. The reward for its Appellation is immense. Can we take the time to study more precisely how the VSL: Semi-Large Vines will amplify inequalities & fracture this Champagne world?

For our shared values

The people of Champagne have built a great collective appellation thanks to their history, know-how, & shared knowledge. Will an immediate & total liberalization of the density of Champagne vines respect these hard-handed values?

For a real climate adaptation

Champagne has always known & wanted to look to the future by adapting; it will be ready to take up this challenge. Are our current Champagne vines not more suited than low densities to global warming?

For the economy of the Territories

Our region is rich in its know-how & it resonates in all the towns & villages of Champagne. Manual work & our Champagne production method are assets & guarantees of quality. Will the 50% drop in the workforce with VSL be good for our economic basin?

For the greatness of Champagne wines in the world

Champagne is the origin & remains the benchmark of sparkling wines worldwide. It inspires our consumers around the world. Unparalleled yesterday, in competition today, it must remain an exceptional wine. What are the real motivations of our region to lower the density & imitate the plantations of our competitors: Prosecco, Cava?

For future generations

"We don't inherit the land from our parents. We borrow it from our children." So what will be the value of a vine pulled up 1 row out of 2? Will we be proud of the legacy left to our children & what future do we offer to future Champagne Growers?